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Tree and Horticulture Removal

Emergency Tree Removal Services

Trees can often be damaged by natural disasters such as thunderstorms and tornadoes, as well as natural incursions such as decay and insects. These damaged trees can cause many problems. They may fall in your property and damage parts of your property or restrict access. Do not wait for damaged trees to fall, call the experts at CORE to remove trees from your residential or commercial property.

Before ever removing any damaged trees, a licensed CORE service provider will visit your property or office for inspection. Based on your needs, we determine the best course of action for your property and tree damage and remove trees and shrubs of various sizes.

Even after relocation, we will provide you with services to rejuvenate your property.

Hurricanes are among the foremost wasting forces of nature. If your property is within the path of a cell or any other severe storm system, you will be left with some of the worst tree damage of varying scales. Damage this severe will create a property unsafe, that is why it is crucial that qualified, licensed, and insured arborists perform these services.

Our teams at CORE are outfitted to face even the worse aftermath of storm work. They are licensed, certified, and masters of their trade. Additionally, CORE contractors are trained to handle heightened conditions, especially when a hurricane or severe storm hits.

Meanwhile, our network of providers will still be sure to communicate with all parties, reassuring that the insurance adjusters receive the same crucial updates and documentation, that property owners receive as the services are completed to satisfy the tree claim, for homeowners and property owners alike.

If a tree is near your property, its roots can grow closer underground causing damage to pipes and foundations. When a tree starts to grow on any wiring near your property, that can cause a serious fire hazard that needs to be addressed immediately. Large dead or dying branches can also fall causing damage your home or property. If the appearance of the tree changes, it may be injured and grow into a bigger problem. To prevent a falling hazard, contact the CORE team immediately for a comprehensive assessment by CORE professionals.

In addition to providing emergency tree removal services, CORE also specializes in daily tree removal methods by partnering with a storm recovery crew, Timber Warriors. We know that this process can be very dangerous, and if necessary, it is very important to use precautions, appropriate tools, and particularly careful techniques to seal the incisions.  We use the right tools to complete the work, and we value our partnered professionals. For example, if you want to trim or remove tall trees, you need to use a light chain saw; however, a large tree with a large circumference requires some type of chain saw with a special blade.  Please keep these requirements in mind when choosing a tree service provider to handle your particular situation with care and special care.

When removal becomes an emergency and lofty conversion, the work is much more complex, which is why it is so important that the executing team is not only licensed and insured, but also highly qualified and certified.  With affiliates ensuring that they are licensed, certified, and qualified to operate under these elevated conditions. In addition, we have members in all 50 states in convenient and strategic locations, which allows for quick response. Our goal is to make the process quick and easy for our members. This is why we invest in understanding the wants and needs of the insurance and arboriculture industries and are the single point of contact for all parties.

Ways to Take Care of Your Trees to Prevent Damage

There are several measures you will go for guarantee your trees grow correctly. From saplings to mature trees, CORE has the resources to make sure you recognize a way to take care of your trees, to become the gorgeous plants you would like for your yard with proper tree health care. 

Some steps you will go for take care of your trees and facilitate them to grow include:


A vital step in knowing a way to pay attention of trees is not solely concerning branches and the trunk however also the roots. Correct mulching, spreading many inches of compost, ground wood chips, or straw below your trees can promote healthy growth. Mulch can help cool the soil, contain water wherever it is needed, and keep weeds controlled to stop them from stealing water from your tree. You will make area for this mulch by border round the base of your trees, that successively also helps to stay grass aloof from the base, because it also can steal water and nutrients from the growing tree.


Pruning your trees is that the act of removing any dead, damaged, or perhaps sure healthy limbs from your tree. This helps to boost a tree’s structure and confirm the nutrients the tree collects are directed to correct areas that require them. Any branches that have become damaged or can also be prevented from spreading to the remainder of the tree if treated quick enough.


A vital a part of your tree’s health care is guaranteeing the bark is healthy. The bark of a tree is its protection and even acts to relinquish insects an area for his or her homes. If a tree’s bark becomes broken or removed, these invite insects and diseases to burrow into the tree’s trunk itself. Take additional care once mowing or weed eating to not come across or chip away at your trees. Roots work by actuation in gas and wetness through the soil. If the bottom becomes compacted, less of those resources are ready to reach the roots.  

For additional steps to take, for preventative maintenance of your trees, contact CORE – we are here to help!