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Board Up

Board up and Tarping Services

Whether windows are broken in a storm, accident, or vandalism, property owners and businesses are in the same situation – they need quick, temporary protection from the elements of nature until the windows can be replaced.  Fast and comprehensive weather protection, security against broken glass and security against unauthorized entry. Roofs are also prone to storm or fire damage.

Not only are you dealing with damage to your home or office, but you also have damaged valuables and items to sort out. At CORE we know how important your personal belongings are to you. That is why our experts are at your disposal for the restoration of content in all areas. Times to carefully pack, clean and restore your belongings. We know you are very busy.


The CORE Group offers roof tarping services that keep your roof watertight until it can be repaired. When windows are broken, and roofs are leaking there is an urgent need to attend to your needs. For emergency planning and roofing services, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to dispatch by phone or online. Our contractors use powerful tools and proven techniques to ensure that all broken glass is properly collected and disposed of. Our emergency board up techniques offer you a temporary solution that lasts until the windows can be replaced. With the services we offer, we can avoid hot or cold drafts and protect your window frames and exteriors from damage during the shipping process. We provide real security. Roof issues should undergo a thorough assessment to ensure that all issues have been identified. With proven techniques and the most modern equipment and consumables, our IIRCR-certified specialists complete every order correctly and are determined to ensure excellent customer service and satisfaction.  After the project is complete, we will provide you and your insurance company with real-time status updates. Certain services can be essential if you live in a geographic location where storms, tornadoes, or hurricanes prevail. All preparatory and preventive measures can minimize damage to your property and business. If you think it is advisable to act before a certain storm, the CORE Group will take preventive measures such as windowpane service, door protection garage and wind on the roof. If windows break, roofs are damaged, or dangerous storms are forecast, your local CORE group member is ready to help. Customers love the quick and professional way we can restore damaged properties and businesses on the way to normal and prevent storm damage.


Roof tarps and panels can protect your property from elements and vandalism. If your property is damaged due to fire, flood, weather, vandalism, or accident, you need to protect the property quickly and safely to prevent further damage. Use whiteboards to provide emergency services to respond quickly and keep unwanted items and guests away. We close broken windows, walls or doors that have been damaged. We also provide tarpaulin services for damaged roofs. By protecting endangered areas, we help prevent further damage to your property.

When do you need tarpaulin or board laying services?

Depending on the severity of the damage to the property, you may need repairs after any of the following events occur in the property:

Fire: Property destroyed by a fire may be damaged by structural cracks, fragile walls, and holes in the roof. blanket. Once the fire is extinguished, emergency splicing services and roof awnings will prevent further damage and property loss before the restoration is complete.

Flood: When a flood occurs, the source of the water affects the type of property services required. Roof leaks caused by heavy rain need to temporarily cover the holes with tarpaulins. On the other hand, underground pipeline bursts or floods caused by natural disasters can penetrate the soil and drywall materials, impair the integrity of the walls, and require immediate attention.

Severe weather: Severe weather conditions can cause many types of property damage.  A strong wind will uproot the trees and blow the branches through the windows, while hail and rain will damage the roof. Remove the wall panels from the property and remove the partitions. Either way, you need to keep windows, walls, and ceilings closed to avoid bad weather and other damage.

Vandalism: Unfortunately, vandalism can also cause major damage. In some cases, wall construction services may be required to prevent broken stone windows and broken doors from entering. While you are waiting to install a new window or door, you need to make sure that the entry point into your property is protected.

Accident: An accident occurred. From trivial things such as a baseball smashing a window to a major incident such as a car crashing into your property, emergency medical services can provide you with temporary safety solutions to help you decide what to do next.


In addition to the large amount of material loss, there is also a high risk that the building will collapse soon after it catches fire. Since a fire may cause a building to collapse quickly until the building collapses, it is important to take measures such as preventing the fall of the property that is severely damaged by the fire and constructing an anchorage.  Shoring refers to the process of temporarily supporting residential or commercial buildings to prevent them from collapsing. In the event of complete loss of property, shoring provides pillars-horizontal, vertical, or both-so fire recovery and other personnel can provide necessary mitigation services.  In other words, shoring can be thought of as high-rise scaffolding. Place it on the foundation of the building to prevent it from staying upright when it falls, because the burning building may collapse at any time. Essentially, the structural template is an emergency service. CORE, construction supervision is just one of many services for firefighting after damage to residential or commercial property. Or commercial buildings, and the introduction of strong supports to prevent total loss of property. CORE’s shoring teams have many years of experience and is able to act quickly and wisely in the event of a fire.

You can rest assured that your property will not be affected by any elements or intrusions until the restorations are completed. In any emergency, call CORE 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, and we will serve you. From the initial damage assessment to the assembly, installation and follow-up of the emergency plan, our experts will provide high-quality recovery services and guidance to make you more comfortable after a stressful event.